A community to share deeply human stories and advice for facing serious illness.

"All I can say is be present, it is so hard to journey with loved ones. Remember the little things that matter. Focus on quality, laughter and tears"

"I learned that caring for my mom also meant caring for my dad. "

 "I realized I had to find someplace to just tell the whole story of what happened. So I did."

"You don’t choose to become a caregiver, it just happens. The hardest thing is to find the balance in between the good times and the bad. "

"My other big takeaway is simple. The palliative discussion should not be left for when active care is over."

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The stories shared on this website are written by the submitter, who shares their own perspective of personal life events. Stories are not fact-checked, and are lightly edited to remove proper dates and identifiers to the best of our abilities.

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